Abel’s Sacrifice of Faith


Abel and Cain

Hebrews 11:4

I. Abel’s More Excellent Sacrifice. Genesis 4:2-10

  1. The Best from His Flock. Numbers 18:15, 17
  2. Cain Just Offered Grain. Numbers 18:12
  3. YHWH Only Saw Abel’s Offering.

II. Cain’s Murder.

  1. Cain Burst Into Anger.
  2. God’s Tries to Redirect Cain.
  3. Cain’s Reaction Is His Responsibility.
  4. Cain Yields to a Pattern of Selfishness.

III. Abel’s Testimony of Righteousness.

  1. Cain Sought to Honor Himself.
  2. Abel Sought to Honor God.
  3. His Actions Demonstrated His Faith.
  4. His Faith Proves His Righteousness.



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