How to Walk with God (Enoch)


Enoch’s Walk of Faith

Hebrews 11:5-6


  1. Enoch Walked With God. Genesis 5:21-24
  2. Enoch’s Walk Expressed His Faith.
  3. Enoch’s Walk Pleased God.
  4. How Do I Walk With God?
  5. Have Faith That God Exists.
  6. Must Diligently Seek Him.
  7. Seek Him In His Word. Ps. 119:11
  8. Seek Him In Prayer. Matt 6:9-14
  9. Honor God First.
  10. Seek His Kingdom.
  11. Then My Needs.
  12. Forgiveness for Others and Self
  13. Deliverance from Sin.
  14. Listen to Him.
  15. Enoch Had Only God To Relate To.

III. Faith is the Key to Pleasing God.




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