The Resurrection


The Resurrection

John 11:17-28

  1. Sickness Not Unto Death. Jn 11:4
    1. For the Glory of God.
    2. To Glorify the Son of God.
    3. What does this tell you about the nature of sickness from God’s perspective?
  2. Lazarus Dead Four Days.
    1. Really Most Sincerely Dead.
  3. Martha’s Challenge.
    1. You Could Have Saved
    2. You Can Get Anything from God.
    3. I Believe in Something.
    4. What do you really believe about God?
    5. What of what you believe causes you to challenge Him?
  4. Jesus Is the Resurrection.
    1. Hinges on Belief.
  5. Martha’s Belief.
    1. She Believes in Jesus.
    2. She Goes and Tells
    3. What do you believe?
    4. Who have you told?

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